LEM it was founded in 1977 and from the beginning it had as its main customers the Italian and foreign Ministries of Defense.

The supply of products that must be at the same time of high quality, functional and economic, have pushed LEM to develop both the design and implementation of its own products and the implementation of any electronic or mechanical project proposed by the customer, even for small series.

Over the years, it has also added the following types of processing to its historical sector (telecommunication): Avionics, IT, special Vehicle and Shelter fittings, metal carpentry, energy 

Accumulators, Power Generators, PCs and Tablets rugged, integration of Telecommunication and Audio-video systems.

The business activity develops as regards the administrative / commercial part at its headquarters in Rome while the technical sector (design and production) operates in the new factory in Pomezia (RM), modernly equipped, on a useful area of over 2,500 square meters with squares, green areas and parking for a total of 6,500 square meters.

FROM 1977


Foundation of L.E.M. S.r.l: from the beginning, its activity has been directed towards the telecommunications sector for military and professional use.

1977 – 1980

The company specialized in the overhaul and repair of RX and TX radio equipment, Radio Bridges, detection systems for ships and construction of HF power amplifiers.


The Company expands its technical-production capabilities, obtaining, among other things, its first quality certification.

In this period he also made: RV2 / 400 radio stations and related spare parts, installations for military mobile vehicles, electromechanical systems for armored vehicles, antennas of various types, energy supply systems, small capacity reclamation systems, fittings for shelters configured as TLC, Telex, Command and Control, Data Archive.

2000 – 2001

The new “Research and Development’” Department was born, in which a team of highly qualified and specialized Italian engineers in the military sector operates in sync. The Company grows and assumes the current conformation that leads it to specialize in the following sectors aimed essentially at the FFAA:

  • design and construction, with related fittings, of Military SHELTERS;
  • development (conception, design and realization) of electromechanical and electronic set-ups to be implemented on mobile and self-propelled vehicles;
  • study and realization of electronic devices built for specific needs of the Operating Departments.

2000 – 2003

LEM completes the “qualitative leap”: obtains the NATO-AQAP110 qualification and purchases the new factory in Pomezia where it transfers its production activity.

In this period, he continued in the design and construction of installations for military vehicles designed to operate also for missions outside the area of primary importance and in projects aimed at installations on various types of shelters (UEO-2, ISO20 ‘and ISO20’ with variable geometry ) including the recent Regiment Command Post, Brigade Operations Cell and Fusion Center.

He developed an avionics laboratory for repairing aircraft and helicopters of VHF / UHF / HF on-board equipment, identification and navigation equipment, on-board weather radar, rugged on-board computer, repair and complete overhaul of Hartzell propellers.

2007 – 2012

LEM designs and builds according to the strictest MIL standards, medium and large power stations approved and currently in use at the F.F. A.A. (from 2,5 Kva to 450 Kva). It manufactures and sets up various types of Military Shelters and Vehicles, managing to integrate communication and data processing systems so as to be able to determine complete and autonomous systems for the most important operating theaters.

Today and tomorrow LEM is building and gaining experience in the field of Robotics, NBC and CBRN platforms, as well as innovative Security and Protection Systems.

Our main creations are:

  • Semi-automatic robotic platform equipped with anthropomorphic arm and mounted on a semi-autonomous and radio-controlled mobile Mil vehicle;

  • Swarms of robots interacting with each other to achieve a common goal;

  • Construction and installation of marquees complete with accessories, fittings and services;

  • Mobile Systems and Fields for Emergency use.






Guelfo Gubernari

Guelfo Gubernari

Sole Administrator

Giuliano Gubernari

Giuliano Gubernari

General Manager

Gian Enrico Gubernari

Gian Enrico Gubernari

Factory Manager