Medium And Large Power Energy Stations

Gruppi Elettrogeni e Sistemi di Alimentazione

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Further products marked L.E.M. are the medium and large power energy stations, for which our The company developed the project that led to the consequent realization of a contract with the M.D. These are Stations with CE and MIL standards for the power supply of military field users, suitable for operating in the typical scenarios of use of Large Unit Command Posts, in reserve to the electricity network or as an autonomous source.

The Station is housed in two independent standard iSO 1C containers with self-leveling pistons and polychrome paint, suitable for transport by land, wheel and rail, air and naval carriers. One houses the cables, the bridge crane, the accessories and the electrical panels necessary for the construction of the power systems, while the other houses the engine, the generator, the control panel and all the systems and equipment necessary for the operation of the railway station. The station is also suitable for parallel operation of two or more groups, with the option of excluding automatic operation at any time and activating manual operation in which all parameters will be completely available and editable by the operator. The excellent choice of materials and the very strict requirements imposed by the customer make these 175 kVA and 375 kVA Energy Stations extremely reliable complexes.