Shelter Shower (ISO 1C)

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Shelter Shower (ISO 1C)

The Shower Shelter has been designed to ensure, in compliance with current health and safety standards, the satisfaction of the needs connected with the personal hygiene of users.

On the complex there are n. 8 shower stalls

It consists of a steel container of the ISO I C dimensional series, in which two distinct and separate areas have been obtained:

  • A first area, located at one end of the container, in turn divided into two technical compartments, one used for the thermal power plant and the electrical panel; the other for the diesel tank anchored to the structure of the complex;
  • The second area is instead destined for eight ‘stainless steel’ extractable shower cubicles, arranged in two identical and opposite rows and with the access openings facing outwards.

The dimensions of each container, in the transport logistics configuration, comply with the civil ISO 1C standard – ISO 668 and UNI 7011-72 standards.

The containers are equipped with “CSC approval for safety purposes” (Law 3 February 1979 n. 67) and “UIC approval for international rail transport”.

To allow access to the shower cubicles and technical compartments, there are three walkways with parapet, one for each of the long sides of the container and one for the short side affected by the technical compartments.

To protect the access to the shower cubicles and technical compartments from bad weather, there are three canopies, one for each of the long sides of the container and one for the short side affected by the technical compartments.

N. 2 curtains to be applied to the roofs covering the entrances of the shower enclosures in fabric coated with PVC, in polychrome color equipped with n. 4 windows with mosquito nets that can be closed from the inside with a Velcro system by means of transparent PVC sheeting and can be darkened from the outside by means of fabric sheeting identical to that used for the realization of the curtains.

A polychrome colored dressing tent with tubular aluminum supporting structure and PVC coated fabric cover will ensure the connection with the walkways leading to the shower cubicles.

Finally, the equipment includes two flexible PVC tanks, each of which has a capacity of 10,000 Lt. A flexible tank will be used for the reserve of water, to be connected to the feed pump by means of a flexible rubber pipe, while the other will be used for the collection of waste water.

The heating system of the Shower Shelter consists of a double burner oil boiler, to guarantee in any case a 50% functionality and having a total thermal power of 240 kW capable of heating the shower cubicles through the steel radiators and to produce hot water for sanitary use with T 45 ° C.