Toilet Shelter

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Toilet Shelter

The Toilet Services Shelter was created to ensure, in compliance with current health, safety and hygiene standards, the satisfaction of the needs related to the personal hygiene of users.

Each bathroom shelter includes:

  • WC cabins
  • Sinks
  • Urinals
  • N. 1 main sink
  • Water softener
  • In-line electric heaters for wash basins and main sink
  • Air conditioning and air exchange system
  • Electrical and lighting system
  • Fire-fighting system with smoke detectors and optical / acoustic signals

All the equipment has been designed to ensure use in an environment with conditions as defined in the AECTP-230 Edition 1 standard for zones A2 – “Basic Hot”, B1 – “Wet Warm” and C0-Mild Cold.

The equipment is able to operate with constant winds up to 31 m / s and gusts up to 52m / s from any side.

The system remains operational and safe even under a snow load of 50 kg / m² and does not require heavy maintenance even under wind with 2.0g / m3 of dust and sand.