Our services

LEM offers a wide range of services dedicated to those logistical and technical support activities relating to its industrial skills. In detail, the main services that the Company can guarantee, manage and develop with its customers are indicated below.


For several years, LEM operates in the sector of the sale and maintenance of avionics equipment and in the supply of spare parts and related accessories.

The avionics laboratory is able to operate for the following activities: preventive, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, with verification, repair, calibration and testing operations, according to the manufacturer’s directives.

LEM has obtained recognition from Rockwell-Collins as a “Service Agency” for their navigation, communication and identification equipment, therefore having the availability of their spare parts warehouses and the related technical documentation update service.


LEM uses and produces external fiber optic connection cables for field use. The cables are assembled with high quality materials, reliability and robustness, suitable for operating in severe conditions typical of field use, as required by military requirements.

The cables are wound on metallic Reels used for the transport and use of the cables themselves. The reels are made of aluminum and equipped with an anti-rotation device and are equipped with suitable locking systems for optical connectors, so as to avoid damage during transport.


standardization and certification of electrical systems

LEM creates, on specific customer request, different types of FIELD ELECTRICAL PANELS. On this page there are some examples:


Small capacity remediation system with manual recharge.

The apparatus is a light complex consisting of a tank, a fixing support and the manual refill system with an operating pressure of 5 bar.

Its dimensions allow a transport compatible with vehicles already supplied to the F.A. and one of the simplest locations. Its characteristics allow to spray any liquid reclaiming in quantity of solution 1,5 liters uniformly spraying a minimum surface of nine square meters.

For these properties, the small capacity remediation apparatus can be used in any other field than in the military field, such as for the decontamination of areas used for public or private use, or more simply as a cleaning tool by applying to the a common solvent inside its tank.

Being produced with high quality materials subjected to high resistance, the apparatus is reusable after each emptying after refilling the tank.

The weight of the empty apparatus is 3 Kg, full is about 4 Kg, it is also equipped with an adjustable nozzle to vary the width of the jet rose.


Turnkey systems

Design, development, analysis, modeling, integration, qualifications and tests of:

  • Shelter and Special Containers
  • Mobile Field Stations
  • Command and Control Centers
  • Lighting systems
  • Robotic platforms
  • Electromechanical and Lifting Systems
Logistic Support
  • LEM guarantees the after sales service.

  • LEM guarantees the supply of spare parts for the entire period of technical validity of its products for a period of at least 5 years.

  • LEM programmed logistics is able to guarantee a supply of spare parts with scheduled replacement.

  • The LEM technical direction guarantees technical / technological adaptation and retrofit operations on the products supplied.

  • The LEM staff guarantees installations and services both nationally and internationally.